What we do is focus on you

    You have a life to live. If you want to enjoy and perhaps even improve it, here’s a suggestion. Get into a good relationship. One with an honest, decent financial planner whom you not only trust and respect, but actually like as a person. Yes, it’s possible.

    Allow us to introduce ourselves

    We are Værdi Financial, a Registered Investment Advisory firm based in Portland Oregon.  We provide comprehensive financial planning and investment advisory services to individuals and families throughout the U.S. But if you think we’re like other firms, perish the thought.

    What makes Værdi different?

    We are a small, independent firm of Registered Investment Advisor Representatives, not stockbrokers. We do not earn commissions on sales of financial products. We do not speak in nonsensical, incomprehensible financial jargon, or call you Jan when your name is Joan.

    We are “fee-only” advisors who are unbiased, down-to-earth, and candid.  In short, we’re the type of financial planners you can talk to and trust. And who don’t take themselves too seriously. Seriously.

    Being small means we can provide you with personal attention and develop a lasting relationship that fits your schedule and needs.

    Being independent means we can provide you with objective advice and access to a wide selection of investment products, including some not normally available to individual investors.

    See if we’re a good fit 

    With one meeting we can both determine whether Værdi can be of value to you. No cost. One contact. Your convenience.

    Who knows, it could be the start of a long, rewarding relationship. We hope so!